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"The essences help make humans more like angels."
- Anna Flora


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Flower essences are a powerful remedy that bring out the person's truest self. The remedies gently and safely release negative states (grief, fear, sadness, anger, hurt, guilt, shame) by flooding the body's system with the positive vibration the flower essence carries. My flower essence remedies are uniquely created at astrologically auspicious times, supportive of the person’s personal astrological chart.

Persisting negative emotions and habits can be toxic and overwhelming. Often people want to improve their emotional wellbeing but don't know where to start. On their healing journey they may be presented with ineffective, expensive, and even dangerous "band-aid" approaches. Flower essences are a natural, safe, effective, and affordable solution to healing.

Flower essences have a have a very long history with many cultures. Even before Christ's time they were used for health and healing, being widely used in the ancient and esoterically known civilizations of Lemuria and Alantis. The Egyptians used flower to treat emotional states and imbalances. European folklore on the healing power of flowers date back to at least medieval times, with the earliest recorded use of flower essences occurred in the 16th century when the great healer and mystic Paracelsus collected the dew from flower to treat his patents' emotional imbalances.

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2 Custom Remedy Sprays $60

Custom Flower Essence Remedies includes 2 customized sprays (unscented or scented) based on a survey form consultation to determine what you would like to achieve with the remedy. Your astrology chart is also taken into consideration when making the remedy. Monthly chekc-in included.

*If you have purchased an astrology reading, a customized Flower Essence Remedy may be added for $40. To purchase the discounted blend, be sure to add the Astrology Client Flower Essence Remedy to your cart from the SHOP page. 

Pre-made Remedy Sprays $24
Family Sprays $17 / spray, minimum 2






Grief Release

Sadness Release

Guilt Release

Fear Release

Anger Release

Worry Release

Asthma Support

Arthritis Support

Blood Pressure

Social Ease







Female Trauma Release

Male Trauma Release

Codependence Release


Radiation Detox

Body Acceptance

Strong Foundation














“I sprayed the flower essence and within minutes felt a sense of calm.”

- Sarah

“I couldn’t believe how quickly I noticed a difference after starting my flower essence. I felt a calm come over me shortly after taking. It has kept my anxiety in check and quenched those racing thoughts during this troubled time. I am so thankful for the relief these essences have brought to my life.” 

- Mary

“Your flower essence has been so beneficial and helped me in ways I wouldn’t of thought of. Keep up with this you are a gift.” 

- Deb

“Santiago (age 2) has been saying more words, putting more words together in phrases, articulating complex words better. His father, aunt, and myself all agree he has been behaving better.”

- Santiago's mother

“Thank you Lord. I am the biggest proponent of it. It got me through grief, I’m not depressed, I have a feeling that everything will be ok. Grandpa looked at Cayson playing nicely and turned to me and asked ‘what is different about him now?’ He did not know that 2-year old Cayson had started the remedy a few days prior.”

- Sharon

 “I am a registered nurse over 30 years. I feel the flower essence remedy that Jane prepared and gave to me significantly improved my feelings of calmness, focus, balance, and general well-being. I would highly recommend the use of the flower essence for a gentle and cam balancing of the mind, body, and spirit.” 

- Jean

“The flower essences have a good healing effect on my children and myself. My mood changed, made me more determined with my goals. My youngest had behavior issues, he is calmer now, it also helped his eye muscles, he had a lazy eye, which is gone now, it took a month.”

- Mary

“I requested Jane to create a personal flower essence to empower my creative inspiration. The resulting essences were magical. The vibrational energy of both the spray and drops have lifted me into a new realm of creativity and peace.” 

- Steve

“I took the remedy and discontinued my Tylenol for my back pain to see what would happen. About an hour after I took 28 of the drops and the spray I could feel my back pain reduced, and then as the hours passed I started feeling better and better. I had been in pain for 2 months and had multiple back surgeries with titanium plates in me and the soreness disappeared after like 24 hours. I have been taking it for 3 days and have also noticed greatly reduced arthritis in my hands and I feel my mental state is more relaxed. I am more laid back and calm.” 

- Fred

“I had been feeling an exhausted energy and after just a few days the one word I would use is: ‘Soothing.’ Jane has a thoughtful and intense conviction for her healing art.” 

- Cynthia

"I was feeling very stressed at school.  Jane made me some remedies and when I would spray them on my head, I would feel calm and more relaxed.  I would have better days at school each time I used the sprays." 

- S.L. (7-year-old)

"My daughter was having many issues at school.  Difficulties with attention, listening, social difficulties, and negative feelings about her school.  She was always either sad, upset or angry.  Jane made a few remedies for her and within a few days, my daughter was a new person.  The remedies allowed her to change how she reacted to the negativity at school.  She was more accepting of going to school without having the anxiety of needing to defend herself with lies, arguing, or being defiant with teachers.  Jane's remedies changed my daughter's life and mine, for the better.  An absolute blessing to have met her during a difficult time."

- C.M. (mother of 8-year-old)

“In these times of global crisis, I do consider her tailor-made powerful essences' preparations to be a gift to humanity, as it was to me.  Her delicate and precise flower essences are very energetically powerful and effective in shielding one's self from the destructive chaos surrounding us. They have strengthened my immune system and re-balanced my energy and allowed me to be ready and fully empowered against the viral attack humanity is undergoing as of late.”

- Gerald

“Jane made me an essence to enhance my cognition and to detoxify from electromagnetic pollution. I had been suffering with word finding difficulty related to a historical brain tumor and all the interventions that were conducted to manage it. Since taking the essence I have observed I have more energy. I am more articulate and my word finding difficulties have dramatically improved. I used to have word finding difficulties up to ten times a day more, since starting the essence I have only had 3-4 instances of word finding difficulties over a matter of weeks.”

- Mia

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"Your Fear Relase spray got me out os a massive panic ptsd episonde. I was having a a bad ptsd epidose and couldn't find my sedatives anywhere. Your spray calmed me in 30 minutes with no medications needed. Thank you again."

- Kayla

Jane M custom images (17).png
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