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Frequently Asked Questions

Astrology FAQs

What do your Astrocartography readings entail?

Prior to the reading Jane will contact you via email and ask you to clarify your current residence (city, state) and provide some possible geographical locations (city, state) you may be interested in for relocation, travel, or business. Jane's 1-hour video-recorded astrocartography virtual reading includes your personalized Astrocartography Maps document and includes details of particular places of interest. You also receive a complimentary Powerpoint Presentation on Astrocartography to help you understand the influence of the particular planetary lines and horoscope angles.

What is your philosophy on relationship readings? I'm interested in a relationship reading (synastry, composite) but am hesitant as I want to continue in my relationship with my partner and I'm worried I will be told we are incompatible and I'm not ready to leave the relationship at this time. 

Jane's relationship readings highlight the couple's strengths and challenges which helps promote compassion, gratitude, and acceptance. Jane's philosophy is that we often are paired up with a partner specifically for our own karmic growth. that any relationship "can work" and it is unique to each individual to decide how much "work" they can tolerate in their relationship.

I am interested in an astrology reading but I am unsure of my exact birth time. Can I still get an astrology reading even if I don't know my exact birth time?

Birthtimes are essential for Astrocartography readings. For all other readings, Jane can still provide you with a detailed and accurate reading even if a birth time is unknown.

What is your attendance and cancelation policy?

Jane asks that you inform her of the cancelation as soon as possible. Sessions can then be rescheduled. All sales are final.

Flower Essences FAQs

Are flower essence remedies safe?

Flower essences are completely safe. You cannot overdose. 

Will flower essence remedies interfere with my medication?

You can use flower essence remedies even when on medication. It won't interfere with your medication. It will actually work through the medication to help you move to a more positive state of mind. 

What is a healing crisis?

With holistic healing modalities, sometimes symptoms get worse before they get better. If a person taking a flower essence remedy finds their symptoms seemingly increasing (e.g., more anxious) they may be experiencing a healing crisis. The client is instructed to simply continue with the remedy at a decreased dose and the situation resolves.

How are flower essence extracts made?

Flower remedies come from plants and flowers all over the world. They are created placing the plant/flower in clean water and set outside to bask in the sun to create an extract from the specific energy from each plant. They are liquids created through the plant, water and energy, the heat and power of the sun. 

How does Jane make her flower essence blends?

Jane combines a variety of flower essences (Australian Bush, Findhorn, Bach), purified water, and preservative in her remedies. Jane’s flower essence remedies are unique in that they are created at astrologically auspicious times, supportive of the person’s astrological chart. 

Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final.

Parent Coaching FAQs

How often are the coaching sessions scheduled? How long do they last?

Jane recommends weekly or every two weeks. Sessions generally last 45-60 minutes. 

Do you accept insurance for coaching parents of children with special needs?

Jane does not accept insurance or provide information for you to submit to your insurance company. 

Do you see children individually for virtual therapy services? For example, will you work directly with my child on drill-based activities to help their pronunciation?

Jane does not provide virtual direct therapy services to children with special needs. Jane coaches parents on evidence-based interventions and strategies that they can implement in the home on a daily basis to help promote skills. 

Will you collaborate with my child/loved one's/my other therapists?

Jane is happy to review information that may be shared with her such as evaluation reports or IEPs. She is open to collaboration with other therapists on a case by case basis. 

What is your attendance and cancellation policy? 

Jane asks that you inform her of the cancellation as soon as possible. Clients will not be charged for sessions that need to be rescheduled or canceled. 

How will I be billed for services?

Clients prepay for coaching services using Jane's website.

Can I use my phone for the virtual therapy sessions?

Jane recommends you use a standard laptop or IPAD for best viewing of screen shared information but mobile phones can be used if that is the client's preference.

Is an evaluation or diagnosis required prior to services beginning?

An evaluation or diagnosis is not required prior to services beginning. Jane will gather information regarding your child's special needs during the complimentary consultation. Jane also will accept any documentation (evaluation report, IEP) a parent wants to share with her to gain additional information about their child. 

What are the benefits of parent coaching virtual therapy?

Parents are immediately empowered with the strategies to implement in their home on a daily basis. This is highly effective as the parents already have a strong connection with their child and spend the most time with their child. Jane and the child's parents work together to build a unique plan that is a good fit for the family. 

What ages do you work with?

Jane works with all ages, from birth onward. 

How long will we need the parent coaching?

This depends on each family and what services they wish to pursue. Typically sessions are scheduled weekly starting out and may phase into being conducted every two weeks. Some families may continue indefinitely to get the ongoing benefit of continued support on executing strategies, continual flower essence remedies, essential oils, and/or astrological insights for the immediate family. In these instances, coaching may be conducted every 3-4 weeks.  Other families may want to continue with weekly or bi-monthly coaching support during the duration of the Therapeutic Listening program and/or Sensory Enrichment Therapy. 

How do I know if my child and my family would be a good fit for Jane's coaching services?

Jane is happy to meet with you for a free 15-30 minute consultation to discuss what her recommendations are based on your child's and family's unique needs. If your child is experiencing challenges in any area (pronunciation, understanding language, expressing self with language, social skills, challenging emotions / behavior) they are good candidates. Even if a child's challenges seem relatively minor, they still will respond well to Jane's coaching. 

My child is nonverbal or presents with significant autism symptoms. Can your parent coaching help?

Absolutely. In randomized control trials, children who added Sensory Enrichment therapy to their existing programs were 6X more likely to improve by 5 points or more on the Childhood Autism Rating Scale. Therapeutic Listening has been used by individuals on the spectrum with positive results.  Jane's customized flower essence remedies for a client with autism hold promise due to essences that promote communication and clarity in speaking, balance and integration of left and right hemispheres, feeling comfortable in social situations, as well as reducing anxiousness, worry, resistance to change, and obsessive thoughts. Often children with autism suffer from circadian rhythm abnormalities (difficulties sleeping) and processing the feeling of being "filled up" after eating. The Gold Pyramid Headgear may help support the hypothalamus' function of keeping the body in a state of homeostasis by managing hormones or influencing the autonomic nervous system.  This offers an intriguing intervention for people with autism to better support hormones associated with sleep and satiation (signals the brain the meal is over). 

What does a caregiver/parent virtual coaching session look like?

Coaching sessions are scheduled at a mutually agreeable day and time. Clients are provided with a zoom link and sessions last 45-60 minutes. Following each session Jane provides you with a written summary to help promote understanding of information and execution of strategies. All coaching includes customized flower essence remedies for family members, sensory enrichment strategies, speech-language strategies, energy work strategies, speech-language strategies, and astrological insights to help family members understand each other and their family dynamic better. Flower essence remedies generally last 4-6 weeks, after the remedy is 2/3 gone we connect to discuss what changes have been observed and to plan for any sequential remedies if the client wishes to continue on the remedies.  

Can our virtual sessions be recorded?

Jane is happy to provide you with a video recording of the coaching session. 

Pyramid Headgear FAQs

How often should the pyramid headgear be worn?

For best results, Jane recommends to wear the Pyramid Headgear daily as much as possible for extended periods of time throughout the day.  This brings the best results. Personally, Jane wears her Gold Pyramid Headgear in the home (morning routine, computer tasks, cleaning, meditation) and even while driving. 

Therapeutic Listening FAQs

Can my child listen to the Therapeutic Listening tracks without headphones?

For children under 2 years of age modification of music over strategically placed open speakers can be utilized in a smaller room (bathroom size) with the child placed at the apex point between the 2 speakers, with no more than 3-5 feet from each speaker. Children 2 years or older are encouraged to be introduced to the Therapeutic Listening tracks with headphones during preferred tasks such as eating, in the stroller/car, or during play of highly desirable toys that are provided only during therapeutic listening time. Often when paired with preferred activities and persistence, children who previously resisted headphones grow accustomed to them.

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