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Astrology is a journey toward self-understanding as well as gaining the ability to understand how other individuals operate. I offer individual astrology readings and packages to give you a fuller understanding of the various ways you are influenced by astrology.

"Very often, in talking about a client's positive manifestation potentials, the astrologer is the only person in the client's life recognizing what is within, what is possible. In that moment, the astrologer and client are together in a very special way indeed"- Noel Tyl, Astrologer


Astrocartography Reading

Astrocartography is the astrology of your own personal geography. Awareness of your astrocartography helps you understand your best and least ideal geographical locations for relocation, travel, and business. Astrocartography also gives you an idea of other energetic influences you can expect from the people and products in a particular area.

Relationship Synastry & Composite Reading

Relationship readings help people better understand the dynamics two people experience based on how their individual charts interact with each other. From committed relationships to single people looking to date, I can help you understand better how to capitalize on your compatibility strengths and best navigate your compatibility challenges. I provide insights to parents about the parent and child dynamics to help you better understand your child and the relationship you have with them.

Pet Astrology Reading

Astrology influences animals too. Nurture your relationship with your pet by getting astrological insights into your pets natal chart, how the transits are influencing your pet, and how your pet’s chart interacts with your own natal chart.

Progressions Reading

The Progressed Horoscope shows how your birth chart has unfolded over time and how you have changed. A Progressions Reading empowers you with a better understanding of remarkable instances that have transpired in the past and what may arise in the future. You will be guided on how to best utilize the power of your progressed planets influencing you to your advantage. A detailed handout of specific dates from birth onward of the major progressions that occur throughout your lifetime is provided.

Natal Chart Reading

At the moment of birth with the first breath, you took into your body the vibrations manifested on that day and time at that particular spot on earth. This basic pattern goes with you throughout life and is known as your birth chart aka natal chart. Your astrological indicators in your natal chart are a stairway leading into your deeper self, indicating certain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tendencies with which you are endowed at birth. It is a blueprint of your character, a roadmap of the conditions you are going to meet in life, and represents your inherent spiritual potential.

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Transits, Progressions, and Eclipses Reading

Transits, Progression, and Eclipses energize your chart in the here and now and allow you to look ahead into the future. Transits act to stimulate what’s already there – they highlight and trigger parts of our own psychological make-up. Being able to read and interpret a transit enables us to determine what lessons we are meant to be learning at any given moment. By watching the movements of planets through your chart you can see where (house) and how (planets and aspects) they affect you. An awareness of your own transits promotes a deep understanding of your current life circumstances and is advantageous for strategic timing of events or actions. A detailed handout of specific yearly dates of transits, progressions, and eclipses that you can easily transition to your calendar is included.

Jane custom backgrounds (13).png


Package One

Astrocartography and Yearly Transits, Progressions, and Eclipses

Package Includes:

  • 2 video-recorded sessions

  • Transits, progressions, and eclipses for the year

  • Astrocartography map

  • Important dates with interpretations that you can easily copy and paste into your calendar

Package Two

Natal Chart and Yearly Transits, Progressions, and Eclipses

Package Includes:

  • 2 video-recorded sessions

  • Natal Chart, transits, progressions, and eclipses for the year

  • Important dates with interpretations that you can easily copy and paste into your calendar

Package Three

Astrocartography, Natal Chart, and Yearly Transits, Progressions, and Eclipses

Package Includes:

  • 3 video-recorded sessions

  • Natal Chart, transits, and progressions for the year

  • Astrocartography map

  • Important dates with interpretations that you can easily copy and paste into your calendar


Predictive Reading: “These transit reports are so helpful. I read them and talk about them with my family and friends about how right on they are. They help me to take a breath and not overreact in the moment.”

- Dan,

Predictive Reading: "Hello Jane, I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with my reading as you are very informative and very knowledgeable about every part of my chart. I can now breathe easier knowing that I can look forward to upcoming events with confidence. I love that you recorded the reading so I can listen to it again. Thank you again so much for this and I will definitely let my family and friends know about your services."

- Hope

Predictive Reading: “I want to give Jane a shout-out on making this last year phenomenal for me. I got a year-long review so that I could run my business better. I put everything on the calendar so I knew what was coming and planned for it and could see the after effects. I took every difficult situation and turned it into an opportunity thanks to the yearly reading. So, if anyone is looking for your help, please pass on this testimonial because I’m so excited for us to all get on a path that makes more sense, is more rational, and that is in tune and in alignment with the rest of the universe. Thank you Jane for being a Light!”


Astrocartography Reading: "Jane provided an astrocartography reading for me. I had a few places I was considering moving to so I requested the reading, I must say that I was very impressed, Jane delivered more than I expected. She told me about the places I had in mind to live and went into a bit of my personal astrology which was nice in relation to those places. I highly recommend Jane's services. She goes above and beyond and delivers more than expected."

- Randall

Astrocartography Reading: I have been intrigued by astrocartography for many years, but never had an opportunity to have a proper reading. A friend had posted about her amazing reading with Jane, so I reached out to set one up for myself. All aspects of Jane’s work are professional and transparent. Not only did she share information about potential locations that I was looking to relocate to, but she also provided me with such fascinating insights about where I have come from and where I have lived before. I am a nomadic soul and have been drawn to many foreign locations, often going because I was pulled there. Jane was able to shed light on this by gleaning gems from my personal astrology chart and how that, in turn, affected the particular locations I chose. She went above and beyond in the reading, gaining excitement as she made connections and shared side facts about the more nuanced aspects of astrology that I usually gloss over since I simply do not understand them, such as conjunctions, squares, etc. I felt seen, heard, and fully supported throughout the reading and she even gave me follow-up information to read at my own pace. It is clear that Jane is passionate and knowledgeable about her craft. She is intuitive, energetic and engaging. I highly recommend doing a reading with her. Even if you are not planning to move locations, the information you gain can help with places to visit, vacation, or dream about. Thank you, Jane!


Relationship Reading: "I recommend getting an astrology reading even if you study yourself. I guarantee that you will learn a few new things. Me and him were at very early stages in our connections but she could point out that there was a lot of attraction, Venus opposite Venus - we have some similarities but yet some differences. Interestingly, she picked up on our challenges in communications. We sometimes have a very different perspective on a situation and struggle to express it properly. We definitely need some adjustments in our communication just like it was said. I definitely can recommend Jane services. I guarantee that you will learn a few new things."

- Pamela

Relationship Reading: "Jane is very thorough and knowledgeable in natal charts, synastry and aspects. She read about a past lover I couldn’t get over and her reading aided me to see this relationship ending as a positive because it would have just gotten worse if we kept it going. What she read was spot on so even though it didn’t progress past a few months…I’m glad it didn’t because it would have been horrid. She also gave me a lot of positive insight on what aspects to look out for and how to get over and work through troubling aspects in regard to relationships based on my own chart. I certainly recommend a reading from Jane, very insightful and helped me with my confidence."

- Kristin

Relationship Reading: “Jane was extremely thorough in my requested synastry reading. She obviously has a passion for astrology and numerology and has studied them in depth. She used different modalities for my reading, destiny cards, numerology, separate natal readings, synastry chart reading and then the composite chart. She has a way of tying all these modalities together that feels very intuitive and fluid. She has a straightforward way of describing the aspects and planet energies that makes it easy to visualize the energies and understand them in a way that makes sense to the layperson and isn't over-complicated. She brings meaning to the actual numerical degrees which once again ties in to the numbers in the numerology she'd discussed previously. I've had readings before but never had someone talk about degrees and numbers like that, it really is a whole other understanding that is very important. She extricated deeper meaning from the not so obvious degrees that I would have never known to look at, and which have never been pointed out in other readings I've had, once again tying it all together in a meaningful but still understandable way. 

       Her insights made it seem like she'd known us for years, yet we've never met and I gave her no backstory about myself or my partner or our relationship, so this suggests that a lot of this information was intuitive, or it literally is written in the stars and she is able to glean this info from our charts. She also looked at the wider aspects (more than 6 degrees apart, aspects that aren't usually drawn on the chart), and these are aspects I wouldn't have noticed due to inexperience on my part and not knowing how to look at degrees, but she caught them! Truly her reading was totally on point! Totally accurate, plus I learned things about my relationship with my guy, the smaller intricate details, that I didn't already intuit myself. Her voice in the video is soothing which is a plus, it was a pleasure to listen to her reading.”

- Sara

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