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Empowerment through astrology, flower essences, essential oils, pyramid technology, and innovative coaching.


Join me this Jul7 18-21 at the 2024 Mt. Shasta Summer Conference: The Creating Heaven on Earth - Manifesting the Paradise Within. 
I will have a vendor booth you can stop by!

Click here to learn more and use the link below to purchase your ticket. We have tickets available at the discounted rate of $300 for a 4-day event ticket (July 18-21).


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I use astrology to empower the individual through the knowledge of who they are and their relationships with the people and places surrounding them. You will find increased compassion for yourself by understanding the various ways you are influenced by astrology. Click on the readings below for more information about the services I offer.

Natal Chart Reading
Transit Reading
Progressions Reading
Astrocartoghraphy Reading
Relationship Synastry and Composite Reading
Pet Astrology Reading
Astrology Reading Packages
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My powerful flower essence remedies bring out the truest and most positive person you are. Flower Essence clients have demonstrated improvements in their speech-language skills, social skills, attention, focus, and emotional well-being. My remedies are uniquely created at astrologically auspicious times, supportive of the person’s astrological chart. 

Customized Flower Essence
Family Remedies
Remedy Mists


My unique parent coaching services have evolved into a holistic program based on healing and innovative techniques. All coaching includes speech-language strategies, flower essence remedies for the family, astrological insights, sensory enrichment therapy strategies and guidance, and Vital Links Therapeutic Listening suggestions. I also offer other recommendations for healing and support, including essential oil blends, Pyramid Headgear, and other modalities. Everything is customized for each family member to build stronger connections and positive family dynamics.

Single Sessions
3 Session Package
5 Session Package
3 Month Package
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Jane Masteller


Jane is an astrologer, flower essence provider, speech-language pathologist, and astrological essential oil blends alchemist. Jane's sensitivity (Sun in Cancer), curiosity (Moon in Gemini), and desire for improvement (Ascendant in Virgo) led to her discovery of these healing modalities. 

Jane specializes in Astrocartography, the astrology of your own personal geography, and relocated across the country in August 2020 to seek a better fortune on her Boise, Idaho Venus Ascendant Line and Chiron MC Line, which energetically supports feminine healing work. Jane also specializes in relationship astrology and can tell you if the person you are considering is worthy of you. 

Jane is passionate about healing the root cause of issues using the innovative tools of astrology, flower essences, essential oil blends, energy healing, pyramid technology, and more. 

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